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Standard Recipes for 1 large bottle (2 pints)

Nonbrewed Teas

Anti-Blind Tea

It's used before spell casting or scrying to prevent you from going blind. 1)

  • vorpal bunny eyes
  • pinches of eyebright
  • pinches of carrot
  • water

Breath Freshner Potion

This potion freshens breath after spells go wrong or you eat something that gives you bad breath.

  • pinches of parley
  • water

Focus Tea

This tea helps you focus on spells and know if you can perform them. 2)

  • 10 pinches of floppy madmen mushrooms
  • water

Brewed Teas

Cold Cure Potion

With this potion, you can cures colds. It's best to drink larger portions of this potion for it to work faster.

  • pinches of garlic
  • honey

Energy Potion

This potion inceases your max GP for a while. While under the effect of the energy potion, you won't recieve any command xp. When it wears off, it will also use most of your remaining gp. However, if you drink too much, it can also poison you. 3)

  • pinches of ginger
  • pinches of borage
  • coffee (ground or liquid)

Healing Tea

With this Tea you can heal yourself after an injury.4) It's best to drink this tea in small portions.

  • 10 pinches of comfrey
  • 10 pinches of yarrow
  • water

Intelligence Potion

This potion will increase intelligence by +1 for a limited amount of time. When the effect wears off, it reduces intelligence by -1 point for a significantly long period of time. It's probably better to drink large portions of this potion for it to last longer.

  • pinches of sage
  • water
  • stirred with an owl feather

Poison Antidote Potion

This potion cures spider bites, yarrow poisonings and any other type of poisoning, which lower your hit points and constitution. You only need to drink a small portion of this potion for it to work.

  • pinches of basil
  • pinches of ground fennel seeds
  • pinches of spider
  • water

See also

One ingredient (vorpal bunny eyes) for this tea isn't in the game yet. Increases adv.perception (temporarily ?). You can talk to Ethel in Scrogden to find out more about this tea.
With a bonus of 150 in ma.sp.special, results get more accurate.
If you fill the bottle of Energy Potion with a bit of Poison Antidote Potion, it will cure the poison if your brewing bonus is high enough.
The higher the bonus in is, the faster and more the tea will heal.
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