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Woddeley's Occult Primer

Mental Methods


Animating involves giving a mind to somethyng inanimate. The clasfic ecksample ys the creation of a golem; a more fafhionable ecksample ys the making of a Brassica oleracea ambulata, the walking cabbage. Generally speaking, animating ys not too arduous, since all thyngs yearn towards sentience, but yt works beft with a object of suitable complecksity to hold the mind.


Channeling ys the conveying of mental energy from one place to another, ufually between minds. The moft bafic form would be the tranfferral of power from one wyzard to another; the reverfe of thys, the sucking of energy from one mind by a wyzard ys evil and, moreover, dangerous, since yt attracts the attention of Thyngs.


Charming ys ufed to convince someone to do your bydding. Yt becomes more dyfficult to charm wyth yncreafed mental ability of the target, although choofing a target for whom the relevant action would be yn character or conform with the target's beliefs helps confiderably.


Convoking draws together other minds, either to magnify the power to be ufed yn a spell or merely for a mental conference. An ynterefting eckfample of thys skyll may be found yn the spell “Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula”, one of the famous creature spells of the fyre wyzard Frottjor.


Cursing ys the method ufed to affect the beliefs and other attributes - though ufually belief ys sufficient - of someone. Thys tends to be the province of wytches, whereas wyzards prefer being more direct.

Physickal Methods


Binding involves the attaching of a magickal effect to an object. Thys ys ufed, for inftance, yn the manufacture of magickal weapons and armour: a wyzard might bind an effect to allow better night vifion ynto a helm or a better grip for climbing ynto a pair of gloves.


Brewing ys another method that tends not to be practifed by wyzards but ys moftly utilifed by wytches and apothecaries. Yt confifts of performing a magickal reaction on a micksture of subftances - as oppofed to a merely alchemical reaction - to obtain a magickal subftance or potion.


Chanting concerns the vocal afpects of spell cafting. Often more important for the attainment of a mood or feeling, yt can still have a profound occult effect on some types of creature.


Dancing ys a method similar to chanting yn many regards, confifting as yt does of the ufe of body-motion afpects of spell cafting. Many treatifes on wytchcraft contain fafcinating accounts of rites involving thys skill to which the interefted reader ys directed.


Enchanting deals directly with the raw matter, so to speak, of magick as yt ys the changing of the magickal field of an object. Except yn the prefence of a sourceror, enchantment muft be conferved: for low power spells, such as Brother Happalon's Elementary Enchanting, the enchantment may be eckstracted from the naturally occurring fluctuations yn the background, while more powerful spells muft, yn esfence, tranffer enchantment from one object to another.


Evoking means to draw forth the magickal properties of an object. A subtle method, yt ys important for wyzards as yt ys the major diagnoftic skill yn probing thyngs magickal.


Healing by magick ys a tricky bufinesf, but when yt works yt boofts the life force of a living thyng. Yt ys generally better to rely upon potions or the attentions of a prieft, yet those sufficiently skilled may have enough control to ufe yt succesffully.


Scrying ys a broadly applied method ufed to send a wyzard's senfes to another place. Often thys ys done indirectly using crystal balls, mirrors, bowls of water, Caroc cards, Ching-a-ling and a whole hoft of techniques ending in -mancy. Thefe methods are generally preferred over sending the raw senfes where there ys the danger of not coming back.

Spiritual Methods


Abjuring ys one of the moft important parts of demonology, for those that care to get involved in such thyngs, as yt forces a spirit to abftain from some action, such as leaping out of the magick octogram and devouring the wyzard.


Banishing ys usually ufed to end an encounter with a spirit, sending yt back to yts normal place of dwelling. Having control over the spirit ys a great asfet, as often they prefer being here and don't want to go back.


Conjuring - not to be confufed with the type of magickal creation of thyngs - ys ufed to requeft a spirit to perform some action, like abjuring but the other way around.


Divining ys the eckftraction of information from a spirit. A counterpart to scrying, yt has the advantage of not putting your own senfes at ryfk, but the difadvantage that most spirits are notorious meaning twifters.


Summoning ys the firft method ufed yn any spirit meeting or demonological encounter, since yt ys ufed to bring a spirit into a wyzard's prefence.

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